Picò wines

Picò is a brand which enters today in the world of wines.

This label wants to read into the noble work of vine growers that can truly emerge from tradition, passed down by a past that may be experienced in an art wine glass, which, like a poem, holds strong emotions.

The first two wines presented by Picó are 2 white wines derived by Valdobbiadene prosecco grapes:


  • Sparkling white wine obtained with SUR LIE method.

The method Sur Lie, in french, or ” COL FONDO ” in italian, literally meaning ” on dregs ” ( yeasts ) and is the most ancient method to produce prosecco spumante. Before having autoclaves, pressurized tanks, used for the Charmat-Martinotti method, in which the second alcoholic fermentation starts, this took place inside the bottle, more or less like in the champenoise method but by using the prosecco’s grapes, called Glera. A fascinating fact is that the degorgement, the technique used to remove the dreg (dead yeasts and sediments) and to obtain a clear wine, isn’t practiced. The result is a wine still containing yeasts and two tasting methods can be chosen: removing the sediments by decanting it in a carafe, like for a red vintage wine, or simply shakering the bottle to mix the sediments (the wine will become turbid).

  • Superior Prosecco D.O.C.G. EXTRA DRY obtained with Martinotti method.

The Martinotti method implies the mass fermentation of the base wine in pressurized inox steel tanks (autoclaves) at a controlled temperature. This process is suited to obtain fresh and fragrant prosecco wines, since it permits a more efficient extraction of aromas and flavors.

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