Natural liquor

Bibamus is a natural herbs and lymphs extract conceived unifying elements coming form both ancient traditions and the results of a close analysis on modern day consumption habits. Starting from a re- elaboration of a french receipe passed down for centuries, drawing from the typical customs of roman and celtic cultures, to conceive not only an absolutely original product, but also a novel approach to its consumption itself.

Bibamus is a blend with low alcohol content (17%) and to be enjoyed to the fullest it doesn’t impose any kind of standard formulas, it can be tasted in purity or blended with any other kind of drink, alcoholic or not, added in the measure you prefer.

It can be tasted alone, as a liquor, preferibly really cold/with ice, otherwise like a Bitter of sweet taste to mix in any type of drink: still or sparkling white wine, cocktails, mulled wine, sangria, infusions and tea both cold and hot, hot chocolates, eat-and-drink, shakes, juices,…

Especially interesting, finally, his use as spirit to enrich the flavour of syrup for sponge cake, dough, mousses, smoothies.

For starting, we recommend you to try it with aromatic, fruity or spicy drinks.

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