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Bibamus is a natural extract obtained by herbs and lymphs, charachterized by a sweet and fruity taste. The strenght of the past, the creativity of the future. The new pleasure of the good drinking. Try it pure or mix it with what you like. All ingredients componing it come from organic agriculture and this is one of the many reasons it is part of niche products.

Its completely organic composition composition is not the only strong point of this product; it works the same way as a metabolic accelerator.

What does it mean? Thanks to its composition, the alcohol present in the product is disposed of/broken down in half the time usually needed by our body.

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Bibamus is a blend with low alcohol content (17%) and to be enjoyed to the fullest it doesn’t impose any kind of standard formulas, it can be tasted in purity or blended with any other kind of drink, alcoholic or not, added in the measure you prefer.

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