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Bibamus Srl was born of the passion for the fruits of the earth, for the past and the tradition, which in modern times are being rediscovered. His founder, Fabio Fabbro, expert nurseryman and earth cultivator, wanted undertake a careful and meticolous research in order to give birth to a completely organic product and strictly intertwined to the Friuli territory and to ayurvedic. The product symbol of this society takes its name from the firm itself: “BIBAMUS”. Besides the passion towards the earth, nature and agriculture, Fabio harbours a great interest towards history, especially for the cultural inheritance left us by two great civilizations, Celts and Romans.
The company’s logo recalls Roman culture, joined to the Celtic one through allegoric and funny representations in which roman and celtic warriors, at the beginning at war with each other, choose to lay down their weapons and join each other to party. The source of inspiration is the famous Trajan’s column in Rome. In the centre of these scenes where hostilities become sharing, there is wine. The transition from scenes of conflict to representations with wine and grapes has the purpose of spreading a message of union.
The idea of Bibamus is birthed exactly of this: Bibamus is a mean and symbol of harmony and sharing both between people and between already existent products on the market. It is important to preserve tradition, re-elaborating it to the modernity of our times.
The objective is to spread original products, supported by the values and experiences of our ancient history.